The Monteagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce


Jerry  Mansfield

Jerry is invaluable to this community.

He volunteers time and materials to any and every community event. 


Jerry has been a very active member of the Monteagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce since May of 1997. Jerry has served as a Director on the MMCC Board most of that time and chaired 2 or more committees constantly.

Jerry continues to serve as a Chamber Board Member.


He has provided free office space, and time for the South Cumberland Cultural Society (SCCS) . Part of that time was spent playing huge parts in the famous "Mountain Goat" Radio Show produced by SCCS.

Jerry received the Meridian Award for the "most dedicated volunteer of 2003.


Mr. Jerry Mansfield was the first fire chief of the Monteagle Fire Department.


Jerry is Sunday School superintendent of the Monteagle First Baptist Church.


Jerry and Linda Mansfield promoted, directed and did all the work that goes with the Monteagle Mountain Market for Arts & Crafts for 12 years or more.


As well as being highly respected in the community as a businessman, Jerry is beloved by his many family and friends.


Jerry and Linda own and operate the

Monteagle Silo, Inc. 

Monteagle Silo Co, Inc. was founded and incorporated on April 8, 1966.

Monteagle Silo then purchased all the assets of Concrete Silo, Inc., a company that had operated at that same location since 1947.

Jerry joined the company in 1968 and became General Manager in 1974,

served in that capacity for 18 years.

1992 Jerry and Linda purchased the assets of the company.

The company manufactured and constructed both agricultural and industrial

storage silos in a market area of eight southeastern states.

Monteagle Silo is still in business today.



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